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Brilliant advice from our garage door repair specialists in Richmond – if you're interested in proactively keeping your door in great condition, just browse this section for helpful and practical tips you can start using today.

Good maintenance can keep your garage door safe

Regular maintenance can significantly enhance the safety of your garage door - the best way to deal with unexpected damage or unpredicted malfunction like a snapped spring is to ensure your system is regularly lubricated and that all the moving parts are fastened well. You should also regularly check the reverse mechanism of your door and ensure there is no danger of the door closing on a person or object.

Don't use sharp objects for removing ice and dirt

Sharp tools can can cause sratches, dents and even holes - you don't want to risk damaging your panels and other sensitive parts of the system. Instead, we recommend you use a solvent, brush and cloth for removing dirt and a heat gun (or even hair dryer!) for melting ice on and around your door.

Make sure to child proof your garage door

Although garage door openers offer a lot of convenience, they can also be pretty hazardous if not used correctly. These systems can be pretty unpredictable if there is an underlying problem that you're unaware of. To limit the risk of a hazard developing, we recommend caution when opening and closing your door (look around to see if anyone is in the vicinity of the door). To childproof your system, we also recommend you install the wall control panel a minimum distance of 5 feet from the floor and ensure kids are not able to get access to the remote control.

How to prepare for a power failure or an emergency

Automatic garage doors are now a common and expected fixture of modern life, but what happens in the event of a power failure or an emergency? Sometimes the automated feature is not an option. This is why we recommend you ensure you have a separate backup battery system and that you familiarize yourself with the emergency release function on your door/ If you're unsure how this works, the best place to consult would be your owner's manual - preparation is always best!


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